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Daily Jewellery care tips

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Here are a few simple guidelines in keeping your treasured jewellery pieces as good as new:

Dust, pollution and daily wear all unite to veil the brilliance of a gemstone and overcast the surface of precious metals.

  • Remove your jewellery before going to bed to keep it in a sparkly condition.
  • AT ALL TIMES try to remove your jewellery when applying scent, lotions and moisturisers, or even better, always put your jewellery on last when getting dressed, it will allow time for your hands and body to absorb the creams or perfume onto skin.
  • It's also important to remove jewellery when cleaning, swimming and taking a shower as the chemicals used during these activities could cause immediate tarnishing or reduce the sparkle on the surface.
  • It is possible to scratch another diamond with a diamond so please ensure you take extra care when storing and wearing them.
  • Remember to separate gold and silver!
  • When the time comes to cleaning your jewellery use a soft cloth, mild detergent and warm water. Careful with scratches, to avoid them try to follow the grain of the jewellery!
  • After properly cleaning your jewellery collection, store them in a cool and dry place as this will reduce tarnishing and prevent scratching by other pieces in your jewellery box.

For those extra special pieces or if it's time for a profession clean of your beloved jewels please feel welcome to contact us at or take a look at our jewellery cleaning services and repairs.

Proper jewellery care ensures you will enjoy your jewellery for years to come, so make sure you take good care of them!


Ana Zaed-Kayani

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