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The most popular trending wedding rings for men and women

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Trending wedding rings for men and women

This article was originally published by Mayfair Jewellers on Jewellery Monthly 

The popularity of Engagement rings over the last 50 years has almost pushed aside the more simple wedding ring in favour of a sparkling diamond, glittering atop a women’s finger. Sitting in comfortable silence the wedding ring I feel still holds more value, more memories and more importantly a lifelong promise.

Exchanging rings during a wedding ceremony is an ancient tradition which generally consisted of a crudely fashioned, simple metal bands, has grown into the creation of beautifully crafted, precious metal bands made of Gold, Silver and Platinum.  Simple wedding bands are still a popular choice but more modern alternatives can enhance and compliment your engagement ring and add a touch or personalisation.

So what are people actually buying for their wedding day? What ring designs are more popular than others and which designs are the favourable choice and stand out above all others? Our simple guide below will delve into this topic a little more and hopefully help you make the all important decision and be sure to have a browse through our designer wedding ring selection.

1.0  Classic Plain Wedding Rings (For Bride & Groom)

Plain wedding rings are the most popular ring designs purchased by couples. Aside from their classic beauty and simplicity, they also are steeped in tradition, which makes it very hard to change. If purchased without diamond accents or engraving they can also be quite cost effective too. The video below presents the classic D shape wedding ring with a flat inside profile, making it easier to slip on the finger but giving a beautiful reflective surface on it’s curved outside surface.

The most popular of all wedding rings however is the Traditional Court Wedding Ring which looks great in smaller widths for women and larger widths for men. Due to it's curved inside surface (sometimes referred to as comfort fit), it is very comfortable to wear all day long and it's subtle outside curved surface, especially if polished to a mirror finished provides a stunning companion to any diamond engagement ring.

popular plain wedding rings

2.0 Diamond Set Wedding Rings (For the Bride) 

Making your ring stand out is becoming more popular in wedding ring styles nowadays with additions such as Milgrain edges for a more modern touch, which break up the flat surfaces to adding rows of neatly set diamonds into the band to provide a beautiful sparkle. Diamond set bands tend to work best with slightly deeper rings so that the diamonds can be secured better which also provides the added benefit of giving the ring a flat edge so it sits better and more securely against your engagement ring.

Diamond Set Wedding rings

3.0 Personalised Finger Print Wedding Rings (Trending For the Bride & Groom)

Personalisation is becoming a very popular addition to wedding rings designs. With new technology paving the way for personalised engraving, signatures, handwriting, photographs and even fingerprints making their way onto the wedding ring surface their really seems no limit as to what can be achieved. These types of designs work better when added to a plain flat or courted ring profile as mentioned above in section 1.0. but can really be added to most popular styles.

Finger Print Wedding Rings

4.0  Titanium or Black Zirconium Wedding Rings (Trending For the Groom)

The sleek dark look of Black Zirconium is fast becoming a popular trend among grooms. Lightweight, shatterproof and very durable, these rings offer a  much more cost effective eye catching alternative to traditional precious metal wedding rings. Titanium rings which have been around for a long while now offer a more traditional look and feel but with light weight and durable qualities, making these types of rings a great alternative to Gold and Platinum Rings.

men alternate wedding rings black zirconium

5.0 Shaped Wedding Rings (For the Bride)

Due to the nature of some engagement ring styles, the necessity of shaped wedding rings has grown in popularity over the last decade. Certain engagement rings will have low set central diamonds with claws that get in the way of a wedding blank trying to sit flush with it. To combat this most engagement rings will either already have a shaped set designed to sit either side of the ring, which can make the buying decision that much easier, or they can be created for you as a bespoke commission. This involves measuring your ring in multiple angles and views to achieve the correct space to fit a more bespoke ring.

shaped wedding rings

Bespoke Wedding Rings (For the Bride & Groom)

A truly bespoke, one off ring breaks traditions and provides the wearer with their own story to tell. From sentimental design features to a fitting shape for an engagement ring, a unique wedding ring can be created just for you. Mayfair Jewellers have provided hundreds of happy couples with beautiful wedding rings to mark their wedding day. Contact us to find out more.

Looking for Help?

Mayfair Jewellers can help you find your perfect wedding ring to suit your style and budget. We has an exquisite range of designer rings and can help you customise your bands to make them truly unique. Call us on  +44 (0) 203 205 7169 or email us at to discuss your ideas or arrange a private appointment in our Mayfair based offices in London.

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