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As part of our education guide into Diamonds, the 'Colour' of a Diamond is an important part of the 4 C's which also includes, Carat (the size and weight of a diamond), The Cut of a diamond (it's shape and style) and the Clarity of a Diamond (how clear it is). A diamonds value, it's beauty and its rarity are generally based on these 4 factors. 

What is Diamond Colour?

Although diamonds occur naturally in a variety of colours such as pinks and blues for instance we tend to think of white diamonds when purchasing engagement or wedding rings. When diamonds are formed they absorb gases such as Nitrogen which when reflected can take on a yellow hue to the naked eye. When buying diamonds they are graded in relationship to their natural colour from D through to Z, with D being an exceptional white colourless diamond and Z being a slightly yellow stone. This grade has been set and approved by the Gemological Institute of America  GIA

To maintain quality and beauty in diamond jewellery we normally work within the grades D-J with even the lower end of the scale being difficult to see any colour without magnification. 

Diamond Colour 4C's education

It is important not to confuse slightly tinted diamonds with naturally occurring fancy yellow diamonds and gemstones. These are graded on an entirely different colour scale to white diamonds. The image below shows an example of how a D colour might look next to a Z colour diamond. At this size the colours may be a little exaggerated but you would see a noticeable difference in a well lit room. 

Example GIA diamond colour grades 


If you are looking out for a diamond that looks impressive but doesn't come with the costs of being an internally flawless D colour stone then here's a few tips to make the most of your investment.

  1. Colours up to J are hard to detect with the Naked eye. Buying within G-J for instance will cost less but still look good on your finger.
  2. Larger stones reflect more light to it's easier to see the colour difference. Anything over a carat consider a lighter stone such as F-H, with anything under a carat I-J
  3. Yellow gold ring mounts can reflect some yellow light through the diamond. So a beautifully white stone could still have some colour in it. If choosing a diamond with more colour in it with a yellow gold mount it could look a lot more colourful than you would want it to. 
  4. If you want your stone to shine, invest in a diamond with a higher cut grade and slightly lower colour. This will give you a larger carat weight stone for your money. 
  5. A certified stone will come with a specific colour grade such as D or G for instance. If your jewellery gives you a range it is just an estimate based on their experience and self certification. Be sure to check your diamond certificate before purchasing. 

All of Mayfair Jewellers Centre Stone Diamonds are priced of an F colour, SI1 clarity and GIA certified. View our range of Designer Engagement Rings or Contact us on 0203 205 7169 to book an appointment with us to view our range in person.

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