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Top ten places to propose…

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The proposal of marriage is one of the most special moments in a couples relationship. It marks the next stage of growth, the next part of the journey and is certainly a declaration of enduring love.

We've compiled a short list of inspirational places for that special moment. 


1. The place you had your first romantic date.

2. On the beach in the South of France.

3. On a gondola in the dreamy Venice.

4. The only way is up and the only answer is YES! The Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

5. If feeling adventurous or have a love of the slopes take your sweetheart to the Swiss Alps for a snowy knee drop.

6. The Grand Canyon, Arizona.

7. For some more Italian romance, the Trevi Fountain, Rome. 

8. Niagara Falls, Canada.

9. Don't forget our beautiful capital London! The London Eye boasts romantic views over our amazing city, definitely memorable proposal material. 

10. For something exotic of which only a Mayfair diamond could rival for sparkle, book a flight to Maya Beach in Thailand.

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