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Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Mayfair Jewellers is delighted to be able to now offer its clients the choice of either mined or laboratory grown diamonds. They are available either as loose stones, to be made up as bespoke jewellery, or as finished items. Whether you are looking for a stunning engagement ring or a pair of simple but elegant diamond studs, lab grown diamonds are increasingly popular for their high-quality purity, range of colours and sustainable credentials. 

Lab grown diamonds are indiscernible from mined stones and are 100% certified diamond. They share all the fire, sparkle, brilliance and romance of mined diamonds. The only difference is their point of provenance.


When comparing a lab grown and mined diamond of a similar quality side by side, it is impossible to tell the difference by just looking at them. Only with very specialist gemmological equipment at a high magnification, is it possible to differentiate between them.


Instead of being produced by the earth over millennia, lab growns are created through advances in modern technology - by simulating the earth’s natural geological processes in a number of weeks. The resulting “rough” diamond is then cut or “polished” in the same way a mined diamond would be, to release its internal beauty and scintillation.


Recently, the demand for lab growns has gained in popularity with many celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Meghan Markle - all being early adopters. Though much has been written about the millennial appeal of lab growns, who are attracted to their ‘ecopositive’ allure, Mayfair Jewellers is happy to report that lab growns truly have a cross-generational appeal, whether for an high value pink fancy diamond ring or a sweet 16 first diamond necklace.