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Wedding Anniversaries

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Here at Mayfair Jewellers we're constantly being asked about the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries and potential gifts, so we've decided to compile a short list for you below.

1st Year PAPER Ideas: Canvas, posters, a sweet message in a bottle, personalised prints, a framed version of your vowels.

2nd Year COTTON Ideas: Personalised cushion covers, personalised socks or robes, a lush scarf.

3rd year LEATHER Ideas: Leather bands, bracelets, albums for 3 years of memories, handbag, shoes, leather accessories.

4th Year FRUIT & FLOWERS Ideas: Floral bouquet, fruit hamper, picnic in your favourite park.

5th year WOOD Ideas: Carved wooden jewellery box, personalised wooden sign, wooden bead necklace, flowers in a cute wooden pot.

10th year TIN or modern take is DIAMONDS Important milestone in a marriage, represents durability, resilience and appreciating the beauty in the time of a diamonds creation. Ideas: Diamond jewellery from our fine selection of brands Maevona, True Romance, Ungar & Ungar, Tacori, Henrich & Denzel - choices varying from Diamond earrings to necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and rings!!

15th year CRYSTAL or modern take WATCHES Representing the magical time you have spent together. Ideas: Fine watches, fine crystalware i.e wine glasses, decanters, crystal bowls, figurines.

20th year CHINA or modern take PLATINUM Representing a marriage which is strong, doesn’t tarnish, enduring and with a truly precious bond. Ideas: Platinum rings from the Mayfair selection of designers or a fine bone china teacup.

25th year SILVER Represents radiance and brilliance, celebrating the time of a quarter century together. Ideas: Explore our superb range of the Tacori Silver collection. Often adorned by celebrities, a popular choice and a great time to have some fun!

30th year PEARL Represents inner beauty, couples are reminded of experiences shared together. Ideas: Pearl necklace, cufflinks, bracelet or the ever classic pearl earrings.

40th year RUBY Represents love and passion. Ruby is given after 40 years of marriage as a reminder to the couple of the passion in the early days of their relationship and how it has endured the test of time. Ideas: Ruby pendant, earrings, eternity ring with rubies, or an exquisite cocktail ring.

50th year GOLD After spending half a century together, this is an anniversary that truly needs to be celebrated in style and grace! Ideas: Yellow gold bands, bangles, even rose gold jewellery with a hint of blushing pink.

Whatever anniversary you're at Mayfair Jewellers will be delighted in helping you celebrate the occasion with the right piece. Please feel welcome to view collections on the website for inspiration and don't hesitate to call us with any questions or ideas you have.


Ana Zaed-Kayani

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