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The importance of Diamond Cut - the 4 C's

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As part of our education guide into Diamonds, the 'Cut' of the Diamond is an important part of the 4 C's which include, Carat (the size and weight of a diamond), The Colour of a diamond (how bright it is) and the Clarity of a Diamond (how clear it is). We will get onto those in other articles.

Diamond Cut Proportions

Diamond cut refers to the proportions of a diamond including the facets and cuts that are made to a rough diamond to turn it into its desired shape. Whats hugely important though is how these cuts and facets allow the reflection and refraction of light, essentially light bouncing off or light passing through the stone, and how this interacts with your eye. To create a diamonds trademark "fire" or "sparkle" it is the difference between how much light passes through the diamond an dhow much light bounces off the surface into you eye. 

rough diamond vs polished diamond

As you can see from the comparison above the rough stone is flat and a bit dull as the light bounces off in only a few directions and there are large areas to absorb the light and prevent it from bouncing back. The Cut diamond has a particular set of facets that not only bounce the light off making it appear brighter but light that passes through is refracted internally and split into a variety of colours making it appear like a fire inside it. The combination of brightness and fire provides what is known as an ideal cut diamond. 

The Ideal Cut Diamond

When a stone is cut, every effort is made to ensure its proportions are either ideal, excellent or at least very good. If the diamond is cut too shallow in height, light can be lost as is passes straight through. If the Diamond is cut too deep, light can be lost through its sides. An ideal cut diamond allows light to enter into the diamond and reflect of its internal surfaces and bounce straight back out offering a scintillating light effect to the observer. As the diamond is moved into and out of light sources the varying directions of the light will seem to dance off it surface in a colourful array. 

diamond ideal cut comparison

Many diamonds are cut to ensure that their proportions are perfect for this natural light play. The more brilliant and bright a diamond is the more ideal it is. If care and attention are taken for its symmetry as well as the quality of its polished surfaces these add even great brightness and and fire to its observer. 

At Mayfair Jewellers we will always talk you through your diamond options. We always try to ensure our diamonds are Ideal, excellent or at least very good cut proportions to make your purchase even more spectacular.  

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