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How to find out her ring size without her knowing

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Getting the right information can be a tricky task, but we have you covered!

With many years experience in the bridal industry we are frequently asked, “How do I secretly find out my girlfriends finger size?” We’d like to share with you a few ways on how you can be stealthy in your pursuit for that all important information.

Ask her family

Congratulations, you’ve met the girl of you're dreams and your going to propose! Asking her father for permission still plays a vital role in the tradition and romance of engagements. It also gives you the first chance of gaining access to her finger size by asking her family.

Ask her best friend

It’s amazing what a best friend knows. If they don’t, then they are the best co conspirators in helping you get the information you need for that perfect ring.

Borrow an existing ring

You can borrow one of her rings (preferably one she wears on the same finger) and take it to a jeweller to have it measured. If it’s too risky to take the ring you can download our ring-sizing chart and measure it at home.

The fake shopping trip

Take your lovely lady out for the day and stop by your jewellers to look for a gift for your mother/sister/aunt or niece. You can even contact your jeweller beforehand to make sure they are well prepared to secretly get that finger size.

Plan ahead

Even if you have a tiny spark that someday you will propose or if the conversation arises of future plans, casually ask your partner what their finger size is. The trick here is to write it down or email it to yourself so you don’t forget when the time is right.

If all else fails...

Contact us to enquire about our temporary engagement ring service, available in the UK.


The most accurate way to confirm ring size is to have your partner come in and have it measured by us or visit your local jeweller. These are a few suggestions that will give you a good approximation and allow for that element of surprise. You can use one or several of these methods depending on what will work best for you or you can contact us for more guidance.

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