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Welcome to Mayfair Jewellers Engagement Rings. Here you can browse our collection of designer and unique diamond engagement rings, including the beautiful Tacori. 

Our ring settings below are priced without the centre stone so you can choose one of your choice or we can assist you. Please select your preferred carat size.

MaeVona Eriskay. Rose gold, platinum and diamond engagement ring.

MaeVona Eriskay

From £1,853.00

MaeVona Westray

MaeVona Westray

From £2,118.00

MaeVona Cava - Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Cava

From £1,423.00

MaeVona Noss Rose Gold Engagement Ring. Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Noss

From £2,206.00

MaeVona Eorsa - Diamond Engagement Ring

MaeVona Eorsa

From £1,389.00

MaeVona Iris Rose Gold Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Iris

From £1,330.00

MaeVona Poppy Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Poppy

From £2,104.00

MaeVona Vallay

MaeVona Vallay

From £2,830.00

MaeVona Gairay Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Gairsay

From £4,115.00