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MaeVona is a New York City based luxury brand co founded by multi award winning Scottish artist and designer Maeve Gilles. Inspired by rich heritage and landscape, MaeVona’s celtic engagement rings offer creative originality to women who want that elusive combination of something modern and also classic. Unique engagement rings with distinct movement, strong yet feminine lines are the perfect match to the finest of diamonds.

Once again Mayfair Jewellers, exclusive London stockists for MaeVona, is proud to present to you another extraordinary designer of exceptional creative talent.

MaeVona Cava - Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Cava

From £1,423.00

MaeVona Eriskay. Rose gold, platinum and diamond engagement ring.

MaeVona Eriskay

From £1,853.00

MaeVona Noss Rose Gold Engagement Ring. Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Noss

From £2,206.00

MaeVona Eorsa - Diamond Engagement Ring

MaeVona Eorsa

From £1,389.00

MaeVona Gairay Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Gairsay

From £4,115.00

MaeVona Iris Rose Gold Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Iris

From £1,330.00

MaeVona Poppy Diamond Engagement Ring.

MaeVona Poppy

From £2,104.00

MaeVona Vallay

MaeVona Vallay

From £2,830.00

MaeVona Westray

MaeVona Westray

From £2,118.00

Two colour Maevona Eriskay with lab grown diamond ring

Two colour Maevona Eriskay with lab grown diamond ring

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